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At Joe Marra Tree Service, we are neat. So, when removing, trimming, or grinding a tree stump, we’ll leave your yard and property looking as if nothing happened. We love to do our job the right way, providing fairly-priced tree services in Wayne, NJ. For 20+ years, we’ve been committed to delivering high-quality service, and we’ll continue to do so.

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Entrust Your Tree Trimming Service to Us

Our recurrent clients entrust us with their homes, even when they are not present. For instance, we meet with our clients so that we can hear what they need and how they want us to do the job and give them their free estimate.

We feel valued when our clients tell us: “Boys, I’m going to work. Do whatever you have to do.” Some of them entrust their homes to us since they know we are honest, hardworking, and neat.

So, when the clients get back home, they will find their house with little traces because our tree trimmers made sure to remove the limbs and tree debris from your yard.

Pruning vs Trimming: How Can We Separate These Concepts?

Joe Marra Tree Service

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Get Our Superior Tree Pruning in Wayne, NJ

We make sure to offer the fairest price taking into account the exceptional tree pruning service we offer. Also, few companies can match our level of commitment, honesty, and expertise.

We have high standards in everything we do and we take care of our clients. By doing so, we’ll strengthen the reputation of our company. For us, our reputation is the most valuable asset we have.

Hire Your Reliable Tree Removal and Sit Back

Delivering tree services is a dangerous job. Even the most seasoned experts can break things unexpectedly like the driveway, water pipes, fences, or your roof. But we respect our clients and their properties. So, honesty is perhaps the core value of our company.

Other evasive companies, will hide the damages and simply leave without telling you what they’ve done. But if you hire Joe Marra Tree Service, you can rest assured you are dealing with a trustworthy company.

We’ll make sure to fix your roof, sprinkles, fence, driveway, pipes, or anything we broke by sending and paying trusted contractors. Of course, if you agree.

The companies that we’ll hire to make repairs in your home are locally known, fully licensed, and insured specialists. If you don’t like our recommendation, we can pay the contractor or handyman of your preference.

Get Our Certified Tree Stump Removal Service

Why is tree stump removal relevant? There are some reasons why you must hire a licensed tree stump removal expert to help you with this specific service:

  • Waste of Space
  • Property Damage
  • Makes Mowing Harder
  • Unsightly
  • Trip Hazard
  • Harbor Insects & Fungus

We have access to the most efficient equipment, and of course, we know how to use this heavy and dangerous equipment with efficiency and care.

Commercial Tree Service in Wayne, NJ

Commercial Tree Service: Hire the Most Honest Team

Whenever emergency tree services appear, you can call us and we will provide our services in a fast, affordable & reliable way.

We respect the time of our clients. If we say we’ll be at 8:00 am, we’ll be there on time.

We Promise Not to Damage Your Property, in this case, we can offer tree services to important commerce like:

  • Retailers & Shopping Malls
  • Financial Agencies
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Construction Companies
  • Universities
  • Medical Tech Companies
  • Hotels & Restaurants

Our mission is to help you with your tree services in Wayne, NJ, by providing tree trimming, removal & stump grinding services. In this case, you can be sure to give your clients the right impression, showing them that your green areas are healthy, neat & appealing.