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Tree Service in Ringwood, NJ

Tree services are risky jobs. That’s why safety is our priority. We take all the safety measures necessary to do an outstanding job while keeping everyone safe. With Joe Marra Tree Service, you can rest assured you are dealing with a trustworthy, punctual & respectful tree company in Ringwood, NJ.

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Trimming Service Near Ringwood, NJ: Keep Your Green Areas Healthy

Trimming helps to upkeep your lovely plants. And when your trees are too close to your house, you can save money with our trimming service by avoiding damage to your house.

As a tree company in Ringwood, NJ, our mission is to advise and give our clients ideas, options & solutions to each client’s specific needs.

We make sure to offer the fairest price considering our exceptional quality of work. Few companies can match our level of commitment, honesty & knowledge.

Joe Marra Tree Service does things the right way so that you are always satisfied with the results. We don’t leave your property until you end up happy with the tree service provided.

Tree Trimming Service in Ringwood, NJ
Tree Removal in Wayne, NJ

Joe Marra Tree Service

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Bring Life to Your Yard with Our Tree Pruning Service

Pruning consists of removing dead twigs at the canopy or crown surface, removing dead inner branches, removing broken branches, and cleaning your plant to look good and healthy.

In other words, pruning is the removal or reduction of parts of a plant that are not essential for growth or production, that are no longer appealing, or that are injurious to the health or development of your plant.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We are committed to our client’s satisfaction because by caring about them, our reputation as a tree company will strengthen, allowing us to continue to serve the community.

Tree Pruning Service in Ringwood, NJ

Hire Our Proficient Tree Removal Service in Ringwood, NJ

We are committed to delivering a high-quality service. But what sets us apart from other companies is that we respect our clients and care for their properties.

Tree removal is a dangerous job. Thus, Joe Marra Tree Service doesn’t allow mistakes to happen since these can be deadly or cause a lot of damage to our client’s property.

We make sure to do every little task with extreme care and precaution. Also, every crew member does their part of the job with little margin of error and perfect coordination.

For instance, we avoid damaging the driveway, lawn, fence, or other structures while doing our removal service. In this way, you’ll end up satisfied with the results; nobody will be hurt and nothing will be damaged.

We Promise Not to Damage Your Property

We work with heavy machinery, but we take all the precautions to avoid damaging the lawn or breaking your driveway. 

We protect your lawn with plywood boards. In this way, when getting our truck inside your property to load heavy logs, we avoid ruining your landscape as little as possible. We will never leave big ugly tire tracks on your lawn.

We Offer Hassle-Free Stump Removal

We’ll leave your yard looking as if an ugly, dead stump was never there.

How often have you thought about the appearance and health of your landscape? Did you know that stumps attract termites?

Yes, the ugly stump can attract pests. Termites may be attracted to the dead stump that is in your yard. Dampwood termites are insects that usually eat wood that has already begun to rot or decay. If you notice these on time, then they don’t pose a risk to your house.

Although Dampwood termites can cause significant damage, especially with decaying fungi, they are considered to be the most destructive pests. In this case, you must urgently get the best tree stump grinding in Ringwood, NJ.