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Joe Marra Tree Service is an owner supervised tree service located in the North Jersey area. With over 20 years experience in the tree service industry, Joe Marra and his crew have earned the reputation of a competent, professional & courteous team.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 concern. We will never attempt to talk you into paying for work that is not necessary. We neither solicit nor accept down payments or deposits. We only accept payment when the job is done and the customer is satisfied.

Healthy trees play an important role in the ecosystem as well as keep our houses cool in the summer and add value to our properties as part of a beautiful landscape. They should only be removed when they present a hazard or when absolutely necessary for construction. Most trees just need maintenance every 3-5 years to stay strong and healthy.

We will be happy to come out to walk your property to give you some ideas and suggestions as to what should or should not be done to preserve your trees and landscape.
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Tree Removal Service in Wayne, NJ

Tree Service in Oakland, NJ

Joe Marra Tree Service is a solid company with 20+ years of experience and it has grown in prestige and reputation. Our stellar tree care service shows our commitment to the community and you. Our reason to exist goes beyond a simple business. We take care of the environment by beautifying your house or company with a professional tree service in Oakland, NJ.

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Hire the Tree Trimming Experts

As a dependable tree service, honesty, communication, and quality are our core values.

So, if you are needing an affordable tree service near Oakland, NJ, to treat diseases of trees and tree bugs, or tree trimming, you can call us. We are your tree company and we are committed to delivering a high-quality service.

Tree trimming is for ornamental trees. The purpose of tree trimming is to create an appealing and neat shape. For instance, you want your tree or bush to have a rounded shape. So, we make cuts at the crown surface and shape the tree as you wish.

Joe Marra Tree Service

LIC# NJTC768551

Keep Your Tree Healthy with Our Tree Pruning Service

Tree pruning is a tree care task that includes removing dead twigs at the canopy or crown surface, removing dead inner branches, removing broken branches, and cleaning the tree so that it looks good and healthy.

One of our main characteristics which sets us apart from other tree companies is that we respect our clients and take care of their properties.

Moreover, by being committed to our clients’ satisfaction and by caring about them, our reputation as a tree company will strengthen. And this will allow us to continue serving the community for years to come.

Get Our Safe Tree Removal in Oakland, NJ

If your trees look dead, or are leaning precariously, or are too close to power lines or structures, or are posing risk to your loved ones, these trees are dangerous. So, you should consider removing these trees. We do tree removal, and to begin working, we don’t charge you upfront. Instead, we let you trust us. Once we complete the job, we show you that we complied with what we promised at the start of the project. And only after you end up satisfied, you’ll pay us.

We remove trees safely and impact the surrounding area as little as possible. Occasionally, the specialists will use ropes to lower branches and large tree trunks or swing them away from objects to avoid damage.

Remove the Ugly Tree Stump with Us

Usually, homeowners also choose to remove the stumps simultaneously. But if another tree company leaves the ugly stump behind, we can help you to remove it.

We make sure to do every little task with extreme care and precaution. Also, every member of our crew does their part of the job with little margin of error and perfect coordination. For instance, while doing our tree stump removal service, we make sure to avoid damaging your landscape. In this way, you’ll end up satisfied with the results.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. So, we don’t leave your property until you end up happy with the tree stump removal service provided

Trusted Commercial Tree Service in Oakland, NJ

When delivering commercial tree services, our punctuality is a plus for us because we know, perfectly, that time means money for you. So, we never leave you waiting. We respect your time. And if we say we’ll be at 8:00 am, we’ll be there on time.

Also, we do things the right way so that you are always satisfied with the results. In fact, we don’t leave your business facilities until you end up happy with the tree service provided.

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