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Lic# NJTC768551

20 years of experience

Joe Marra Tree Service is an owner supervised tree service located in the North Jersey area. With over 20 years experience in the tree service industry, Joe Marra and his crew have earned the reputation of a competent, professional & courteous team.

High quality tree services

Customer satisfaction is our #1 concern

We will never attempt to talk you into paying for work that is not necessary. We neither solicit nor accept down payments or deposits. We only accept payment when the job is done and the customer is satisfied.

Tree Maintenance

Healthy trees play an important role in the ecosystem as well as keep our houses cool in the summer and add value to our properties as part of a beautiful landscape. They should only be removed when they present a hazard or when absolutely necessary for construction. Most trees just need maintenance every 3-5 years to stay strong and healthy.

Lic# NJTC768551

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Our priority is our clients, we do not make any collection until the
work is ready therefore each client of ours is satisfied to know that we provide a commitment to finish the job leave it ready and you can prove our work with facts.

Joe Marra  tree service

pruning and trimmin

Lic# NJTC768551

Joe Marra  tree service is a a tree pruning and trimming company providing services in New Jesry and is surounded area. Tree trimming is important for aesthetic reasons and to encourage the growth of strong, healthy trees.

Do you have a tree job that’s out of reach?

We have all sizes of cranes, including the largest reach to do the toughest of all crane jobs. Whether your job is small or extremely large, we have the right equipment, the right cranes and the expert crews to take care of every need.

What We Do

all types of crane services

Joe Marra Tree Service provides all types of crane services to the New Jersey area and have been doing so for the past 20 years. We are the right company for any crane project you may have.

small and large size equipment

Joe Marra Tree Service We own our equipment including state-of-the-art cranes and bucket trucks, chipper trucks and stump grinders. We have small and large size equipment to suit any project you may have.

Crane Operators

With precision trained crane operators and an Arborist on our team, we pride ourselves on being able to consistently provide our clients with exceptional service. Our staff is licensed, insured and fully trained. For all of your tree care needs, call us. Our Arborists will make sure your trees are in good hands all the way.

Basic Trimming Suggestions

If you do your own trimming, there are a few things to keep in mind when you get going. For starters, it’s important not to cut a limb too short or leave it too long. Cut it as close to the “collar” of the branch as possible to avoid providing an entry point for disease and insects. Also, never top off a tree or severely cut back major branches. Doing so will seriously damage the natural structure of the tree, and the resulting growths will look thin, disproportionate, and ugly. You can read more tree trimming tips here.

Tree pruning, which is often used interchangeably with trimming, often involves what are known as crown thinning, crown raising, and crown reduction. If you’re not sure what these mean, you might want to consider hiring a Tree pruning company or read some of tree pruning tips.

  • Fully Insured Tree Removal Company
  • Trained Climbers with many years of experience in removing large trees experienced in working with crane operators for large tree removals
  • Our Company is known for using safe measures to protect your home and surroundings when removing a tree.

Tree Care Professionals

Lic# NJTC768551

We will be happy to come out to walk your property to give you some ideas and suggestions as to what should or should not be done to preserve your trees and landscape.

precision and the right equipment

Removing a tree is a delicate operation and requires skill, precision and the right equipment. Depending on the location of your tree we may use a bucket tuck or crane to assist in the removal. Depending on the landscape and hardscape below your tree the limbs will be lowered down with ropes and pulleys to insure no damage is done to landscape and hardscape below. The video above is an example a crane removal with a tree located on a fairly open lot. Not all trees are located in an area that can be accessed by this equipment. When a tree is not accessible by trucks and cranes our crew is trained to use ropes and saddle to climb into the tree and trim it from within the canopy. Again, ropes and pulleys are used to prevent damage to the landscape and hardscape below the tree.

we cover 40 miles around Morris county