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As a dependable tree company, honesty, communication, and quality are our core values. Knowing the sacrifices you put forth, we do things the right way so that you are always satisfied with the results. With 20+ years of experience offering tree services in Oak Ridge, NJ, we’ve learned the importance of safety & time. We help you with residential and commercial services.

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Protect Your Loved Ones with Tree Trimming Service

Trimming is one of the most important tree care tasks. For instance, one benefit is the removal of broken and diseased branches. This will bring back the health and greenness of your plants.

The purpose of trimming is to create an appealing and neat shape. We make cuts at the crown surface and shape your plants as per your preference.

Trimming service is dangerous, but we take all the safety techniques to protect our crew and your loved ones. So you can reduce the risk of harm to your family and property. It also prevents further decay.

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Hire Your Certified Tree Pruning Service

As trees mature, the aim of pruning will shift to maintaining plant structure, form, health, and appearance. If you want to stimulate vigorous shoot growth and the development of flowers and fruit of your young plants, a pruning service will be your best option. 

And the good news is that you can count on us, your affordable tree care company in Oak Ridge, NJ.

Joe Marra Tree Service is a certified tree care professional. Hire us to care for your plants and preserve them strong and healthy with our pruning techniques. We guarantee green spaces in your home and business.

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Tree Removal: An Extreme Service

But what sets us apart from other tree companies is that we respect our clients and take care of their properties.

Tree removal is a dangerous job. Thus, we don’t allow mistakes to happen since these can be deadly or cause a lot of damage to the property of our clients. We make sure to do every little task with extreme care and precaution. Also, every member of our crew does their part of the job with little margin of error and perfect coordination. For instance, while doing our removal service, we make sure to avoid damaging the driveway, lawn, fence, or other structures. In this way, you’ll end up satisfied with the results and nobody will be hurt and nothing will be damaged.

Get Tree Stump Removal in Oak Ridge, NJ, and Beautify Your Lawn

Removing a stump will help keep your children safe, especially when they play in the yard. Also, you should remove the awful stumps to provide health to your soil and plants. Removing the stumps from the ground will prevent the increase of illness in the other healthy and robust plants.

One benefit to removing stumps is freeing space to add amazing landscape features like a fire pit, planting new plants, installing sod grass, and building a fountain to beautify your home.

If you are looking for a fast & safe stump grinding service near Oak Ridge, NJ, just call us; we will work within your time and budget.