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Whenever you need emergency tree service in Pompton Lakes, NJ, you just need to call us and we’ll provide our services in a fast, affordable & reliable way. Our recurrent clients entrust their needs and projects to us because they know we love what we do. And we make sure to offer commitment, honesty, and superior services combined with a fair price taking into account our exceptional quality of work. Call us now.

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For Proper Tree Care, Call Our Tree Trimming Team

Trimming is all about shaping a tree. By cutting back to branches and twigs, you can make your tree grow in the direction you want it to grow.

Trimming also makes trees stronger and healthy because it fosters proper growth, balancing the crown and its weight distribution. You can increase the structural integrity of the tree through trimming.

Our regular trimming service increases the safety of your property and makes it more attractive. But if you omit or forget this maintenance task, the branches can grow too close to power lines, roofs, or windows. It may cause damage to the side of your home or even break a window.

Our Tree Trimming Team in Pompton Lakes, NJ

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Get a Tree Pruning Service You Can Depend On

Joe Marra Tree Service believes that Pompton Lakes can be a healthier and greener city with our tree pruning service.

Try to think why you need to prune. Pruning is when you selectively remove dead, broken & diseased branches from a tree.

Here you have some reasons you need tree pruning:

First, you can prune to shape young trees. Second, pruning improves the tree’s structure.

We want to offer you a high standard in everything we do by taking care of your trees. This is how we achieve to strengthen our reputation as a company. For us, our reputation is the most valuable asset we have.

Let us give you fairly-priced tree services combined with our exceptional quality of work.

Tree Pruning Service in Pompton Lakes, NJ

Safe Tree Removal Near Pompton Lakes, NJ

We know you have put off the removal of your tree several times. But you have to think better and put your loved ones and their protection in the first place. When your tree is too large for some sites, drops branches and debris, or the tree is in the way of construction or poses a danger, you need to remove it.

So, you can trust us to remove big and dangerous trees. We take care of our heavy equipment since it is what allows us to provide safe, fast & affordable tree removal in Pompton Lakes, NJ.

We Offer Quick & Affordable Tree Stump Removal

Do you know that an ugly tree stump can invite unwanted guests into your yard?

Yes, stumps will bring to your yard pests, such as carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-boring insects, who are naturally attracted to tree stumps.

Once infected, healthy trees and shrubs can be at risk of infestation and disease.

It is time to hire us to fix this problem ASAP. We’ll chip the ugly stump into thousands of tiny pieces. Last but not least, if you need stump removal near Pompton Lakes, NJ, call us, we’ll leave your yard clean, leaving no traces of the ugly tree stump.