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Cheapest Time of Year for Tree Removal

the cheapest time of year for tree removal

The cheapest time of year for tree removal is during the winter, between December & March, and the second best season is fall. The main reasons are the weather conditions and tree companies are less busy than in other periods, so we can offer discounts where you can save 20% or more!

6 Reasons Why You Should Remove Trees in Winter

7 Reasons Why You Should Remove Trees in Winter

The main reason, above all, is that during these months tree work turns easier. But we will mention seven actions that motivate us to give you the best and cheapest price for winter tree removal.

Fewer Leaves = Better Visibility

Trees lose their leaves during winter, and the lack of foliage allows us to inspect more quickly. The better visibility helps us identify unhealthy trees you badly need to remove during the cold season.

Minimal Cleanup for Tree Services

Tree services will spend less time clearing. The minimal cleanup saves time and money because fewer leaves are collected afterward during winter.

Minimal Damage On Your Yard

Winter protects your sensible areas like flowering plants and flower beds—no damage from heavy machinery due to the hardened effect of snow on the soil.

Boost Your Landscape Spring Appearance

Removing dead trees and branches will improve your yard’s appearance. In spring, you can plant new trees or a colorful flower bed. 

You can also use the freed-up space to install a masonry feature, such as a fire pit, benches, water fountain, etc.

Prevent the Spread of Diseases

When a tree is dead or sick, it provides the ideal environment for pathogens like pests, insects, and fungi to evolve and kill the tree and surrounding plants. 

You can easily retrieve pathogens by cutting down trees, so you will not risk spreading diseases and infesting your landscape.

Less Stress for You

Cutting a dead or sick tree during winter is less stressful for you. Your summer will not interrupted by an emergency tree removal.

Cutting your trees in winter gives you peace of mind. It allows you to focus on new plants and makes your landscape greener and healthier.

How to Know Is Time to Remove Your Lovely Tree in Winter

Removing Your Trees In Winter Is Cheaper

Removing your tree can be challenging. But when trees pose risks, the safest thing to do is leave their fate to professionals.

You should immediately consider cutting trees that could injure people or damage your property.

Learn About the 15 Signs of When to Remove Your Tree:

6 Signs It Might Be Time To Remove Trees
  1. The tree is a potential danger to people or property, leaning badly
  2. It has been badly damaged, and it is prone to break
  3. The tree has experienced a significant amount of decay
  4. Fungi growing at the base of the trunk means decay
  5. Your tree has succumbed to disease or insect damage and likely will not survive
  6. You planted the wrong type of tree for your local weather
  7. It is an invasive species that will negatively impact native species
  8. It has structural deficiencies that will eventually cause it to fall on its own
  9. It produces debris
  10. Its shallow roots can damage lawns and pavement
  11. A seek tree is more susceptible to disease and highly attract pests
  12. Your tree has brown, dry, or peeling bark
  13. You see cracks and holes in the trunk
  14. Dead branches in the upper crown
  15. It does not grow leaves in spring
If you spot one or more of these symptoms, it’s time for a tree removal expert to step in. Call 973-932-4380 to get in touch with one right away.

Are You Ready to Get Our Professional Tree Removal Services?

7 main reasons for removing a tree

Tree work is complicated, technical, and potentially dangerous, and many homeowners have been injured or even killed trying to do it themselves.

The cheapest time of year for tree removal is winter (period). So take advantage of this opportunity to care for your landscape with our trained professionals, who will complete every task safely and efficiently!

Ensure you find a tree company near Oakland, NJ, with the necessary certifications and equipment to keep your loved ones and property safe.

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